Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Spring Special - 4 hr. Walleye Charter - As Low as $58 per person!

 Jig Fishing the Western Basin Reef Complex

Spring Fishing Charter Special

Boat:           Our 30' Sportcraft or one of our three 21' Starcrafts

Fish:            Jig Fishing for Lake Erie Walleye

Location:    Port Clinton, Ohio - Our Oak Harbor Docks

                     Maumee River Trips Available ask Captain Zack for Details!

Times:         7am-11am, 12pm-4pm, 3pm-7pm

Captain:      Larry Weiss (419) 707-1065, Jim Woods (440) 371-3767,

                      Zack George (419) 575-6986    
Price:           1 - 2 People $150, each additional person $50 up to 6 total                                                                  (Includes rods, bait, ice and tackle)

Spring Walleye

   During the spring Walleye move into the shallow waters of the Western Basin Reef Complex on Lake Erie.  This is the best time of the year to catch them with spinning rods and jigs.  Some people estimate that up to 90% of Lake Erie's Walleye population spawns in the Western Basin of  Lake Erie.  Because of the abundance of Walleye so close to our location we can offer these Spring Special's every year, allowing anglers a chance to experience Charter Fishing at a super low price.  Dates and time slots do book up fast, so please call us for a reservation if your interested. 

Our Boats

Our 30' Sportcraft for groups larger than 3 people.

   1-3 person groups can fish from one of our three 21' Starcrafts. If you have a group of 4 -6 people we have you covered with our 30' Sportcraft.  Our boats are fully rigged with the latest electronics and gear to give you the best opportunity for success.  All trips include rods, bait, ice and tackle.  Your welcome to bring your own rod and tackle also.  

Visit our Website to see all of the Hunting and Fishing Adventures we have to offer.  Follow us on Facebook to see the latest reports.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lake Erie Guided Duck Hunts

Duck Hunt Lake Erie this fall!


Style:                Guided Layout Boat Hunt on Big Water

Ducks:              Greater and Lesser Scaup (AKA Bluebills),
                          Bufflehead, Goldeneye, some Cans, Redheads.

Location:          Maumee Bay, Sandusky Bay, the Islands Area
                           basically Port Clinton, OH

Times:               Hunts are 8 hours dock to dock.

Captain:            Larry Weiss (419) 707-1065

Price:                $200 per person, 1-4 people

Lodge:              Our lodge is available for an additional $150 per
                          night for your whole group if needed.

Lake Erie Duck Hunting

Redheads and a Mallard taken while Layout Hunting.
  Every fall Lake Erie becomes a stopping ground for thousands of migrating ducks, especially diver ducks.  Once they begin to arrive in early to mid October, they will continue to arrive until the big lake freezes up.  Most people never realize the number of ducks that congregate here because they stay 1-10 miles off shore.  Lake Erie's bottom is covered with Zebra Mussels which provides a rich food source for Diver Ducks to gorge them selves on. Layout Boat hunting is the most effective way to experience the fast and exciting action these ducks have to offer.  Layout hunting requires specialized boats and equipment so most people utilize a guide when they want to experience duck hunting on big water.


Magnum Fowl Fooler Decoys
   Our daily bag consists mainly of  Scaup and Buffleheads. The Scaup arrive by the thousands and are the primary species you will encounter while open water hunting on Lake Erie.   Later in the season we start to see some Goldeneye and Scoters show up.  Its not uncommon to shoot other species during our season such as Mallards, Redheads, Ringnecks, Canvasbacks, Ruddys, and Long Tails.

Bankes Revolution
   Our 21' Starcraft was especially built for Big Water Layout Hunting.  We use it to tow a large Bankes, two man Revolution, layout boat to a different hunt area each morning.  We then proceed to set 100 to 200 Magnum and Super Magnum, Fowl Foolers decoys, especially designed for Big Water Hunting.  The sheer number and size of these decoys is what convinces these ducks to commit.  The tender boat is then anchored a distance away from the layout boat as not to spook approaching waterfowl.

What to bring

Customers will need to bring their own guns and non-toxic shells.  A valid Ohio hunting license, Ohio state Duck Stamp, and a Federal Duck Stamp are required.  Waders are recommended but not necessary.  Camouflage clothing is also recommended but not necessary.  Rain gear is highly recommended.
Call us or Visit us at for more info.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fall Special - $75 per person - Walleye or Perch Charter

Cleveland area Walleye Fishing Charter

 Fall Fishing Charter Special


Boat:              Our 21' Starcraft STX 2050 tournament edition

Fish:               Walleye or Perch

Location:       Lorain, Ohio or nearby launch ramp

Times:            Mon. - Friday. 3pm - sunset
                       Sat. - Sun. anytime, 4hrs. dock to dock

Captain:       Jim Woods (440) 371-3767

Price:            $75 per person, 1 - 3 people (Includes bait, ice and tackle)

Yellow Perch

Lorain area Perch Fishing Charter
   Fall is a great time on Lake Erie to catch Yellow Perch.  Arguably the most tasty fresh water fish, Perch move into our fishing areas during late summer and fall to feed on minnows, crayfish, and anything else they can find. Years of experience allow us to use our electronics to find schools of perch on the bottom.  Once the fish are located we will anchor over them and use spreaders or Crappie rigs to catch them.  Double headers (catching two at a time) are not uncommon.  Perch fishing is a great way to introduce kids to fishing.  Call Captain Jimmy today to take advantage of this special. (440) 371-3767 or visit us at for more details.


   Mid Summer, right up until ice forms on Lake Erie is a great time to catch Walleye in and around Lorain.  This is the time of year that deeper water around this area holds a lot of fish.  Although casting (drift fishing) is not out of the question, trolling tends to lead to higher success.  As with perch fishing we use our electronics and years of experience to stay on feeding pods of fish.  The "Night Bite" begins to heat up in October and can be very exciting.  Have you ever experienced trolling at night for Walleye?  Call Captain Jimmy today to take advantage of this special. (440) 371-3767 or visit us at for more details.

Our Boat

1, 2, or 3 person Fishing Charters
   Our 21' Starcraft is a fully rigged, tournament style, Walleye Boat, suited nicely for Charter Fishing on Lake Erie for groups of 1-3 people.  It also has a nice Bimini top with full enclosure.  This allows cover from the sun or rain during the day.  We also use it at night to keep you warm during the cooler weather.  The mobility of this boat allows us to have you meet us in an area closest to the fish you want to catch.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Best times to catch Walleye on Lake Erie.

Number one question I get when people call to book a Fishing Charter on Lake Erie for Walleye:  (When is the best time to fish?)  My answer is always weekdays and afternoons.  It seems that everyone wants Saturday or Sunday mornings.  Since these are the most popular days/times that fit in with customers schedules, these days book first.  These aren't necessarily the best times to fish though.

Here's the reason;  Too much pressure!  Every charter in a 5 mile area is booked on Saturday morning.  Add to that every person that owns  boat is also out on Saturday morning.  There are boats as the eye can see during these times.  It is sometimes impossible to stay on an active pod of fish with all of the boat traffic around.

During the afternoon on Saturday most charters are off of the lake for the day, most of the weekend warriors are at camp or home because they have already finished up for the day.

This allows us to stay on feeding fish longer once we find them.  If we find a hot pocket, we can re-drift them over and over without a million boats getting a shot at them first.  Bottom line!  Weekend day trips are just too crowded on the lake.

During the week while you are at work, we do a lot better on the Walleyes with customers that took a vacation day to avoid the weekend crowds.  Let's face it, your spending a decent amount of money when you consider travel expenses and lodging for charter fishing.  Consider a weekday or afternoon trip in the future to boost your  chances of a successful catch.

Capt. Larry

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Walleye Jig bite is on fire.

Tonight there was an incredible bite at L-Can.  All I can say is Wow!   Thank you Mother Erie for giving up the gold.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Beautiful Sunrises on Lake Erie.

Lake Erie Sunrise.

Beautiful mornings are what our weeks are filled with during charter fishing season.  It has been unseasonably cold, but that hasn't impeded us  from chasing Lake Erie Walleye.  There is just something about Jig season that makes true fishermen brave the elements.  Our charters on Lake Erie start early here in Ohio.  Sometimes we never stop, even during the winter.  Come out and try it sometime.